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The OL pages contain numerous images which are not thumbnailed, and which therefore may not load well on dial-up or slow connections. 

Combat Skyspot Overview

Combat Skyspot CHECO Report

Combat Skyspot Memorial

OL26, Binh Thuy, RVN

OL27, Nakhon Phanom RTAB, Thailand

OL23, Udorn RTAB, Thailand

OL25, Ubon RTAB, Thailand

Utapao RTAB, Thailand

Busy Skyspot, Matagorda Island and Det 50

CIA Air Operations in Laos

"The CIA and the 'Secret War' in Laos:The Battle for Skyline Ridge, 1971-1972", used with the gracious permission of the author


B52 Air Operations in Southeast Asia (PDF Format, approximately 1.1 mb. Right click to download)

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US Air Force

US Army

US Navy

United States Marine Corps

US Coast Guard



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