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OL-27, Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Base

(aerial photo (480 kbytes) from C. Jeppeson's INVERT site)

OL-27 (call sign BROMO) routinely hit targets in Laos and northern South Vietnam. OL-27 often worked in concert with OL-24 (call sign MILKY) located at Phu Bai/Monkey Mountain, RVN. One site or the other would be primary, with the other as backup. The Ho Chi Minh Trail's main exits from North Vietnam into Laos were  Mu Gia, Ban Karai, Ban Raving, and Nape passes. (Map) These provided a number of targets on a continuing basis. OL-27 and OL-24 were also involved in Lam Son 719 early in 1971, when Arc Light strikes were called in to help prevent a complete rout of ARVN forces. OL-27 also struck targets on the Plain of Jars in concert with OL-23 at Udorn, and again with OL-25, against targets on the Bolevens Plateau in southern Laos. OL-27 was  involved in the Linebacker I raid on the POL stores and railyard at Vinh, North Vietnam, on 9 April 1972. OL-27 also worked in concert with OL-23, at Udorn, against targets in northern Laos.

Earlier in the war, OL-23 and OL-27 were co-located at NKP. OL-23 later was moved to Udorn. OL-23 was the TSQ-96 system while OL-27 was the TSQ-81, shown in the photos below.

Photos of OL-27, 1970 - 1971

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